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We are a pharmacy that specializes in compounding.  Compounding is the ancient art of pharmacy where the pharmacist actually mixes the prescription.  In the last 50 years, pharmacists have simply dispensed  medication that had been prepared by a pharmaceutical company.  Our pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy, actually prepares the prescription for the patient, from scratch.


It is important for use to differentiate ourselves from other pharmacies.  We can do that with the quality of products we prepare. 

One of the ways we ensure a quality product is by the selection of raw materials.  Many compounders in Pittsburgh and throughout the USA use chemicals from the lowest bidder.  In fact, this is what many of our competitors do.  We only use the best chemicals available.  The way we ensure that we only use the best is by only buying our chemicals from PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America).  So, if you are going to use another pharmacy for your compounding needs, ask them, are they using PCCA chemicals or are they cutting corners in the quality of their products.

The second was we ensure quality in our products is by only using pharmacists during key times of preparation.  Some pharmacies will permit their technitions to offer consultation to their patients.  We feel that only a pharmacist has the proper training to offer patient conseling.  Also, we only will permit a pharmacist to take verbal prescriptions from physicians.  Many pharmacies will permit their technitions to take oral orders-this is illegal but many of our competitors still do this.  Only trust your health with a pharmacist.


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John A. Yakim RPh

John G. Yakim RPh FIACP FACA
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