General Compounding

If you currently have complications or problems with your medication, Yakim's Compounding Pharmacy can help. With our state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience we are prepared to custom-make your prescription for you.

Medications that are no longer made that may have worked for you are well within our capabilities. Because of our extensive list of resources we are able to attain chemicals and drugs in large quantities which means a lower cost to our customers.

Are you using a cocktail of medications to get you through your day? There is no need for that because Yakim's Compounding Pharmacy can tailor make one medication that contains all of your needed prescriptions.

Perhaps one form of medication is not working for you or is not strong enough. We can create many different types of dosage forms, such as: suppositories, enemas, lozenges, capsules, nasal sprays, lip balms, solutions, ointments, etc.

Please give us a call so that we may be of more help to you!


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