Veterinary Medications

Pets  can be as close to our hearts as any family member. We at Yakim's Compounding Pharmacy are aware of that and provide our expertise to help your pet's prescription needs.
Perhaps your pet really won't take that pill. No problem. We can create many different dosage forms, including: ear drops, suppositories, topical sprays, powders, solutions, etc. It doesn't have to be a struggle to give your pet their medication anymore.

Maybe it's just the taste that really offends your pet. With a variety of chemicals we are able to create many different flavors and colors to make the medication that much more appealing to your pet.
How many times have you ended up cutting a pill in half or forcing your pet to take more than one pill. There is no need to mess with the strength of the medications with the help of Yakim's. We can create an ideal solution for your pet's needs by creating the appropriate dosage for your unique pet. We can also create one dosage from multiple prescriptions!

Can't find that outdated medication for your pet. Because of our extensive list of resources we are able to attain chemicals and drugs in large quantities so that we can prepare those medications that are no longer made. This also means a lower cost to our customers.

Your pet's needs are unique and should be created specially for them. Please give us a call so we may help you!


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